A Day in the Life with Mavis Spencer

Grand Prix level show jumper and BEMER Ambassador Mavis Spencer understands the toll that equestrian sports can have on not only her horses, but on herself as the rider. That is why she turns to BEMER therapy to help her horses perform at their best and to allow her to power through all of her rides each and every day!

Wake Up and Warm Up

Whether she is at home or at the show, Mavis likes to kickstart her horses’ work day with a warm-up session by utilizing the BEMER Horse-Set.

“My routine varies for each horse – at home we use it before I ride, especially before and after a jumping session. At shows, I use it closer to competition for some as I find it really helps relax the horse and help
them focus.”

Recovery is Key

Especially with her upper level horses, Mavis places an emphasis on helping them recover after strenuous work and competition.

“My horses feel a lot looser and more relaxed after their BEMER session. I use it as often as possible at home, but make sure the horses wear it twice a day at shows!”

Better with BEMER

After seeing the impressive results in her horses, Mavis decided to invest in BEMER products for her own health and well-being and now incorporates BEMER therapy into her daily routine. Two short eight-minute a-day sessions on the BEMER GO-Set makes all the difference in her performance and stamina.

“I immediately noticed a big difference in my own personal health. I started sleeping better and was not sore after long workouts. It helped take the edge off of the normal aches and pains that we as riders deal with daily.”*

“I am really excited to join the BEMER team, after using the product for the past four years. My horses are all much more relaxed and supple through their bodies and they recover quickly after big classes. I really appreciate that I can use BEMER therapy on the horses and myself. It really connects me to my horses and makes me feel like I am using something that I know works and makes them better.”

– Mavis Spencer

*BEMER Horse-Set is in no way a substitute for medical care. It’s not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition or disease. BEMER does not replace treatment by your veterinarian. Please consult with your own veterinarian if your horse has a medical concern.

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