Recent study shows how a combination of BEMER & OMT reduced lower back pain (LBP)

If you suffer from lower back pain, there is exciting news regarding a recent study! The study shows that while BEMER therapy helps lower back pain (LBP) on its own, it has shown to produce better results with OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy)! Participants of the study had been experiencing acute lower back pain (LBP) for …

Recent study shows how a combination of BEMER & OMT reduced lower back pain (LBP) Read More »

Wellness Wednesday

Dr. Longacre was a guest speaker with Dr. Berka on Wellness Wednesday when they discussed the topic of how BEMER PEMF therapy can enhance resiliency for your body!

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What is PEMF Therapy?

Learn how PEMF Therapy Can Enhance Your Health Buzz around Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has been steadily rising over the past few years, but research into this technology has been going strong for more than two decades now. While the technology has been gaining serious traction and wider usage, the mechanics behind the therapy …

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A Complete Guide to Stress

Most individuals experience stress on some level on an everyday basis. Yet, while stress may feel like an inevitable aspect of adult life, it can have long-term impacts on your health and mental wellness if left unaddressed. Fortunately, there are some practical stress relief solutions you can use to feel better, both now and in …

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3 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

February is National Heart Month, making it the perfect time of year to highlight the role prevention plays in cardiovascular wellness. Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in the United States. Irregular heartbeat, breathlessness, and poor circulation can all be early warning signs of heart disease. However, you can work to keep …

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How Physical Health Can Improve Mental Wellness

Both your physical fitness and state of mind affect how you function daily and over the years. Understanding the link between these two aspects of life can improve your total well-being. The following guide will explain what you should know about this connection. What Is the Relationship Between Mental Health & Physical Fitness? Engaging in …

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