Going Head-to-Head: BEMER vs. Other Sports Recovery Methods

How does BEMER compare to other popular sports recovery methods?

BEMER is the athlete’s all-in-one pre-workout warm-up and post-workout recovery tool. Whereas other methods may only be useful either before or after training, BEMER PEMF devices can be used at any time to optimize sports performance and athletic recovery. Before workouts, BEMER helps cut down on warm-up time by increasing blood flow to your muscles. For post-training, BEMER flushes out cellular waste and helps repair sore and fatigued muscles––without frigid ice baths, sweltering saunas, or painful foam rolling techniques. Muscle cell byproducts have a known effect to increase localized inflammation in muscle tissue and are even responsible for the sore feeling after weight-lifting…

BEMER vs. Ice Baths or Cryotherapy

Ice baths and cryotherapy are great if you have an acute injury and need to reduce swelling and inflammation, but when it comes to maximizing sports performance, these recovery methods take a backseat to BEMER.

Whereas ice baths and cryotherapy constrict blood vessels and decrease local circulation, BEMER does the exact opposite, rushing nourishing oxygen and nutrients to worn-down muscles––without the extreme discomfort. Not to mention, you don’t need to go through the trouble of filling a tub with ice water or step into a freezing enclosure. Just turn on the control unit, dial in your setting, and relax. The portable Pro-Set GO is far easier to carry around than a massive bathtub or cryotherapy chamber, and provides many of the benefits of icing and cryo with the added bonus of increased athletic performance, strength, and endurance.

BEMER vs. Heat Therapies Such as Saunas and Hot Packs:

Saunas and hot packs are an excellent way to increase circulation and reduce lactic acid after a workout. But unfortunately, these benefits come at a price.

Naturally, saunas get incredibly hot. When exposed to so much heat, the body has to create large amounts of sweat to regulate its internal temperature. For athletes, this can negatively impact sports performance, robbing their muscles of vital energy and resources. Also, the heat from saunas and hot packs draws excess blood to the skin rather than to the muscles, where it’s needed most. BEMER doesn’t charge your muscles an energy fee for improved local blood flow and waste removal, and you don’t have to sweat a drop. Relax for a quick eight-minute PEMF session in the comfort of your own home with your thermostat at whatever temperature you like.

BEMER vs. Sports Massage & Foam Rollers:

Sports massages are one of the best ways to relieve muscle tension, stiffness, inflammation, and improve local blood flow after a workout. In fact, combining sports massages with BEMER PEMF recovery can drastically improve your recovery routine. But comparatively, BEMER stands out from massages and foam rolling in a number of ways.

In the sports recovery sense, BEMER, sports massages, and foam rollers have a lot in common. Increased muscle circulation flushes out cellular by-products and relieves muscle tightness and stiffness. However, sports massages and foam rolling require external pressure and work from the outside in, whereas BEMER PEMF therapy cuts out the middleman and works from the inside out. BEMER’s patented PEMF signal directly stimulates electrical activity in your muscle cells for enhanced muscle circulation, rehabilitation, and athletic performance. With BEMER, you can take your recovery into your own hands anywhere you go, without the need for a masseuse or foam rolling techniques that leave you wincing in pain.

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