Recovery for Your Horse Made Easier!

Recovery, whether it be from work or an injury, is typically a time-consuming yet imperative process for your horse. It is essential to help your horse unwind and optimize the recovery process through increased circulation with the BEMER Horse-Set.

Recovery from Injury

As horse owners, injury recovery can often be as frustrating for us as it is for our horses. Depending on the extent of your horse’s injury, limited exercise as a result of stall rest or sudden changes in their day to day program can be an added stressor on top of the injury itself. In addition to your veterinarian’s treatment plan, incorporating BEMER PEMF therapy into your horse’s daily routine can help your horse relax and feel their best throughout the rehabilitation process. Increased circulation to the area of injury can also help increase healing time and help get your horse back to doing what they love!

PEMF as a Preventative Measure

One of the key parts of horse management is injury prevention. Boots, wraps, and other protective gear have quickly become a part of most horse lovers’ daily care program. Did you know that using the BEMER Horse-Set daily can aid with muscle recovery at the microcellular level, resulting in a decreased rate of in-jury due to increased suppleness and reduced inflammation? Use the BEMER Horse-Set before work as a warmup tool and after work as part of your cool down procedure for optimal injury prevention through PEMF therapy!

Unwinding After Work

No matter what level of work your horse might be in, they all face daily stressors and challenges which might leave them feeling unsettled following a training session. The BEMER Horse-Set taps into the “rest and digest” phase of your horse’s parasympathetic nervous system, allowing them to relax and unwind after a long trailer ride or intense training session. It can also help them adjust to limited work while recovering from an injury.

Did You Know?

One of the most critical steps in a horse’s recovery routine following work is the removal of metabolic byproducts from their deep muscles. BEMER’s PEMF signal increases circulation, allowing the red and white blood cells to move freely, transporting nutrients in, carbon dioxide out, and helping to repair injury as part of the immune response.

*BEMER Horse-Set is in no way a substitute for medical care. It’s not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition or disease. BEMER does not replace treatment by your veterinarian. Please consult with your own veterinarian if your horse has a medical concern.

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