“2 sessions in…and my lower back and neck pain has already subsided. Considering each session is only 8 minutes, that is quick ROI in my book! Looking forward to realizing additional benefits. Thanks Mike, see you again soon.” - Paul H.

“Dr. Longacre uses a revolutionary technology to increase the effectiveness of blood flow through your microvessels. This is an area where many medical treatments just don’t address. With this technology, blood flow can be increased, it speeds healing, and increases oxygenation to the entire body. Long story short….you feel and get better faster! The treatment itself was very relaxing. I was nervous because I haven’t done well with other types of “mechanical” devices in the past, but Dr. Longacre took the time to educate me, calm any fears, explain how PEMF was different, and how it would help me. I highly recommend Dr. Longacre and PEMF treatments.” - April D.

“It really works!” - Sammy S.

“Dr Mike cares about his patients. He genuinely does! As both a doctor and athlete who walks the talk, he's committed to helping people be well and he intimately understands what's possible and required to live in a healthy and pain free body. As someone who has served our country, completed medical school, serves the community tirelessly through volunteering, is a masterful networker because he genuinely cares about people and a high level athlete, Dr Mike is someone you can trust with your health.” - Kelly C.

“I have gone to Dr. Michel several times in the last few months for alignments as well as the BEMER system. Dr.Michel is always full of energy, listens very well to the patients needs and recommends different products or add one that would help the patient. By him talking with me after an alignment, he recommended the BEMER. What an amazing product! I got to use it a few times and no lie....i actually started to sleep better, be a little more regular, and not as stiff! I really appreciate him! He is a real asset!” - Keisha B.

“Dr. Michael Longacre is highly experienced with a vast knowledge of how the human body works!! In addition he is a truly caring individual and is dedicated to helping people improve their health, wellness and quality of life going forward. I highly respect him and would recommend him to my friends and family. If you have not had a chance, please check out the Bemer device! It will change your life. Just get in touch with Dr. Michael. He can give you all of the details!! Here's to a Healthier, Happier You!!” - Carol W.

“Dr. Mike is genuinely interested in improving the lives of his patients! He is a very ethical, caring and educated medical service provider who is dedicated to making a difference on patients and in the community!” - Steve P.

“I have seen Dr. Mike several times and each time I have felt better in the few minutes I completed the Bemer Therapy. It's helped me with aches and pains as well as help me get my voice back after I lost it at a very important time. I can't say that it will do the same for you but I have noticed the difference in how I feel within minutes each time. Thanks Dr. Mike!” - Homaira M.

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