The BEMER Horse-Set has been proven to have a positive impact on your horse’s body. It strengthens your horse’s health in terms of prevention and promotes regeneration after illness. It improves suppleness during training or when preparing for competitions. It can also provide valuable support during the healing process, including recovery from muscle tension or tendon/ligament/muscle injury. [1]


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The unique bond between horse and rider is undeniable. That bond is why horsemen will go to great lengths to ensure their horse feels healthy, relaxed, and safe. The best possible care for your horse made possible with the BEMER Horse Set will help you to optimize your next ride, whether for competition, training, or pleasure.


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The BEMER Horse-Set promotes healing and recovery, and supports regeneration. It enhances suppleness – a prerequisite for motivation and willingness to learn – so your horse can exercise more effectively. The BEMER Horse-Set also helps your horse relax more easily both before and after exertion. You’ll notice the effects on your horse after only a few minutes of application. [1]


Microcirculation occurs in the smallest blood vessels, and can’t be observed with the naked eye. Nevertheless, it has a huge effect on the health and performance of your horse. Why? Because it’s here that your horse’s vital metabolic processes take place – cells are supplied with nutrients that enable them to fulfill their tasks- and so metabolic waste products may be are removed for disposal. Put simply, healthy microcirculation is essential to your horse’s all-around well-being.


“The BEMER Horse-Set is an integral tool that I use often in my practice. BEMER’s proven technology provides meaningful results for my clients and I have found it to be unrivaled in its ability to treat multiple problems that occur with the equine athlete.”

– Dr. Katarzyna Zukiewicz, Equine Veterinarian


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  • Improves microcirculation & vasomotion
  • Promotes relaxation and regeneration after exercise
  • Supports parasympathetic processes in the body
  • Increase his physical performance and optimizes suppleness
  • Speeds up the recovery process after injury
  • Improves post recovery and regeneration after surgery

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*The BEMER Horse-Set does not replace treatment and care of an injury or disease by a veterinarian. A veterinarian should be consulted prior to use of the BEMER Horse-Set for any medical condition.

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