Why Athletes Choose BEMER PEMF Therapy

Athletes around the world are using BEMER PEMF therapy to take their bodies and results to the next level, here’s why

When you’re a professional athlete, optimal recovery can mean the difference between winning that race, landing that jump, or even setting a new world record. The mental and physical pressure is always on, and the rigorous training never stops. To keep the body functioning at peak performance and reduce the risk of injury, rest and recuperation need to be as much of a priority as training. And if you’ve followed us for any length of time, you know that proper local blood flow is absolutely crucial to performance. That’s why athletes across the globe are choosing BE-MER PEMF therapy to boost their recovery and maximize their results. Today, we’ll be diving into the game-changing benefits that draw all different types of sports competitors––from former NFL quarterbacks to Olympic snowboard-ers to ultra-endurance athletes––to make BEMER a part of their daily recovery routine.

Game-Ready Recovery

For professional athletes, recovery is everything. Published March 2021When you operate at a high level almost every day, your recovery protocol needs to be just as thorough as your training. High impacts and wear-and-tear can disrupt the body’s natural functions, leading to lengthy recovery times and diminished performance. And stretching and sports massages can only do so much when it comes to restoring the body to peak condition. The more you ask of your body, the more critical proper local blood flow becomes. That’s why athletes trust BEMER to optimize their recovery. BEMER’s therapeutic PEMF signal promotes healthy local circulation, rushing vital oxygen and nutrients to worn-down and tired muscles, restoring homeostasis, and facilitating performance.

Thanks to BEMER PEMF therapy, professional athletes are reporting incredible results like:

  • Faster recovery times
  • Improved mental awareness
  • Boosts in energy levels
  • Better sleep management
  • Relief from minor aches
  • Better overall health

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Ben Gar-land––NFL offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers and BEMER Ambassador––had to say about BEMER:

Whether I’m practicing on the field or training in the gym, my job is physically demanding every single day, and using BEMER helps me recover quickly and be game-ready each week.”

Record-Breaking Performance

Needless to say, when you’re aiming to break a world record, your body and mind need to perform at their best. In 2018, Denise Korenek set out to break the land-speed record for the fastest human on a bicycle.

To help prepare her body for the immense physical and mental demands of the challenge, she recovered with BEMER PEMF therapy every day. In addition to her intense training schedule, BEMER allowed Denise to push her body to higher levels of performance.

Thanks to all her hard work and dedication, in September of 2018, Denise became the first human to reach 183.9mph on a bicycle.

“In September 2018, I set the World Record for the fastest human on a bicycle at 183.9mph, using the BEMER as an integral part of my daily preparation. I use my BEMER on specific programs during the day to help give me maximum performance muscle recovery. The benefits of the BEMER help me go above and beyond in my training.”– Denise Korenek – Professional Cyclist & 2-Time Guinness World Record Holder, BEMER Ambassador.

Of course, not all athletes are shooting for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. But whether your office is on the football field, the golf course, or at the top of a snow-covered mountain, the need for optimal performance is the same.

And BEMER’s powerful PEMF signal helps athletes around the world reach their peak potential.

The Power of PEMF – Any Time, Any Place

The life of an athlete is a busy one. When you’re not traveling, you’re performing. When you’re not per-forming, you’re training. And when you’re not training, you’re recovering.

As nice as it would be to have a personal sports mas-sage therapist follow you wherever you go, that’s not always possible for the traveling athlete. With such a packed schedule, having a quick and easy way to recover back at the hotel room is a game-changer. The portable BEMER Pro-Set GO allows professional competitors to take recovery into their own hands, repairing and recharging their muscles wherever they go, at any time.

After a long day of training, a short eight-minute PEMF session stimulates muscle cell recovery and gives athletes the power to come back refreshed and ready to hit it just as hard the next day.

BEMER fits effortlessly into the athlete’s lifestyle, empowering them to train harder and more often for astounding results.

“The sports that I specialize in are multi-day, ultra-endurance events. I train all the time, and recovery is an important part of how I keep going. Circulation is key in recovery, and the technology of BEMER is amazing in that aspect. I really love the simplicity of BEMER. It is an easy way to promote recovery anywhere at any time, which has been incredibly useful when my expeditions require me to travel. Thank you, BEMER, for improving my circulation, recovery, and overall lifestyle.”– Rebecca Rusch – Endurance Pro Athlete & 7x World Champion, BEMER Ambassador

Ready to Recover Like the Pros?

Sleep is often the one aspect of health and wellness that people tend to neglect. What’s more, many of us don’t realize just how important a role healthy circulation plays in getting good rest and vice versa. If you’re an athlete, prioritizing quality sleep with the BEMER B.BODY Sleep Program can give you an edge against the competition. Contact us NOW today to learn more and discover the performance-boosting power of BEMER for yourself.

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