Why Every Athlete Should Use the BEMER Sleep Program

Athletes need plenty of sleep to perform their best. The BEMER B.BODY’sSleep Program can ensure you get the quality rest you need to succeed.

Training after a poor night’s sleep is never fun. And competing after a poor night’s sleep can have a drastic effect on your performance.

With all the hard work you put in day after day, the last thing you want is for your sleep quality to get in the way.

Just as circulation is a crucial factor in athletic perfor-mance, it plays just as critical of a role in getting good sleep.

Whether you’re a professional or a weekend warrior, part of being an athlete is doing whatever you can to minimize your risk of complications or injuries. Usu-ally, this involves mobility work, stretching, yoga, or recovery methods like icing and sports massages.

Well, you should apply that same attitude to getting the best sleep you possibly can, as often as you can.

And that’s where the BEMER Sleep Program comes in.

The Night and Day Difference in Circulation

As you can imagine, when you go to sleep, your body begins to circulate blood much slower than it does when you’re awake.

During the day, your brain and muscles need much more blood to keep you moving and functioning properly. So, your body responds to that demand by quickly and efficiently supplying blood to those areas.

When you fall asleep, your body transitions into a state of recovery and detoxification. Since you’re not using the muscles in your arms and legs while you sleep, your body takes a lot of that blood on a detour through your gut, liver, and brain. Also, your heart rate drops when you sleep, putting your body in a relaxed state and slowing your circulation.

The BEMER B.BODY Sleep Program was designed with this relaxed blood flow in mind. It uses a specially adapted low-frequency PEMF signal that matches and facilitates your body’s natural nighttime circulation rate to transform your sleep quality completely.

Here’s How it Works

The BEMER B.BODY is a full-body applicator (a little larger than a yoga mat) with six powerful coils, each one precisely placed to cover the most surface area and provide the best results.

To use the Sleep Program, simply place the B.BODY applicator underneath your sheets, and turn it on once you go to bed for the night.

For the first two hours, your BEMER will send out a therapeutic PEMF signal to gently calm your body and help you easily drift off to sleep. Afterward, it will turn off until two hours before it’s time to wake up.

Then, it will reactivate to smoothly bring you out of sleep, without the grogginess or fatigue that usually comes with a night of tossing and turning.

What Are the Benefits?

Adding the BEMER B.BODY Sleep Program to your nightly routine can help you fall asleep faster, avoid those frequent wake-ups throughout the night, and enhance your quality of sleep.

By increasing microcirculation throughout your body, your muscles, organs, and immune system can all repair themselves more effectively.

This enhanced recovery translates to more restorative, higher quality rest, leaving you feeling refreshed, en-ergized, and ready to perform.

Believe it or not, two out of every three BEMER users report a significant increase in sleep quality.

When you pair the BEMER Sleep Program with healthy “sleep hygiene” habits, like going to bed and waking up at the same time as often as possible, avoiding coffee and alcohol late in the day, and limiting screen time, you may find yourself sleeping better than ever before.

And when your sleep improves, so does your fitness. Getting good sleep is known to help with your mood, focus, immune defense, recovery, and performance.

BEMER helps you get the most out of your nightly recovery gains and comes with a long list of added benefits:

• Enhanced microcirculation

• Physical fitness

• Muscular strength

• Endurance and energy

• Vitality and well-being

• Stress relief and relaxation

A Dream-Worthy Recovery Tool

Sleep is often the one aspect of health and wellness that people tend to neglect. What’s more, many of us don’t realize just how important a role healthy circulation plays in getting good rest and vice versa.

If you’re an athlete, prioritizing quality sleep with the BEMER B.BODY Sleep Program can give you an edge against the competition.

Contact your local Dr. Longacre NOW to learn more and discover the performance-boosting power of BEMER for yourself.

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