Why Every Winter Sports Enthusiast Should Use BEMER

The winter sports enthusiasts’ and athletes’ guide to energizing, maintaining, and recovering faster with BEMER

Are you ready to break out of quarantine and hit the slopes? Is there a better place than on the mountain to free your mind, shed those lockdown calories, and enjoy the beauty of nature?

We don’t think so…

After a long, grueling spring, summer, and fall of staying inside and abiding by social distancing guidelines, it’s time to return to nature and enjoy the great outdoors. As temperatures drop and snow falls, winter enthusiasts everywhere are warming up. 

Skiers, snowboarders, sledders, and ice hockey players alike are pulling out the long johns, waxing the boards, and loading up the gear. 

And we want to make sure you’re physically and mentally prepared to tackle the discomforts, risks, and impact of winter sports on your body. At BEMER, we are gearing up to energize your body, power your blood flow, and fast-track your recovery.

What’s at risk while playing your winter sports?

As much as we love our winter sports, we all know there are some discomforts, risks, and injuries that come with the pleasure. For skiers and snowboarders, these are the icy patches to watch out for:

  • Skier’s thumb–a jammed thumb when trying to break a fall.
  • Sprained ankle
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Torn muscles
  • Spinal injury

And common risks for all winter sports enthusiasts:

  • Lower blood circulation
  • Blood vessel inflammation
  • Loss of feeling in the extremities: hands and feet

According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2017, 69,000 people were treated for skiing-related injuries and 54,000 for snowboard-related injuries. Whether playing winter sports for leisure or competition, they have a severe impact on your spine, joints, skin, and muscles. Taking proper precautions, using effective equipment, and deploying preventive care all play a huge part in enjoying a safe, fun, and unforgettable winter season.

What BEMER can do for your body during winter sports

Most winter sports-related injuries occur due to poor conditioning, increased fatigue, and low blood circulation. For enthusiasts who love attacking the snow during the winter months, we have a life-hack you’ll want to know about. 

BEMER’s patented pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices can not only help you prepare for fun in the snow but also be there for you when you fall. Here’s how it works.

When athletes experience muscle fatigue and an inability to return to peak performance, it’s usually due to poor blood flow. As you may know, your blood is the body’s universal means of transport through the circulatory system; oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and immune cells are all transported through your blood.

Your blood provides oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and your cells transfer the carbon dioxide and waste products away from the tissues via the veins and lymphatics. When this natural process is affected due to cold temperatures, muscle fatigue, or high impact winter sports, your body is unable to support muscular performance, causing you to feel sluggish, tired, and sore. 

This fatigue makes your body more susceptible to injuries and cold-weather hazards. The key to achieving peak physical performance and muscle recovery during the winter months is re-establishing a state of balance and stability in your body.

And that’s where BEMER can help!

Check out what professional Freeskier Mark Abma* from Whistler, British Columbia, says about his experience on BEMER:

“BEMER has an incredible ability to stimulate my body prior to skiing, biking, working out and also has a remarkable ability to recover my body. This means that I can ski, bike and train harder and more frequently. As my life becomes busier, I need my body and mind to be able to perform at its peak potential as often as possible. BEMER’s portability means that I can now travel and have the ability to recover after a long day of skiing and be ready to perform at my peak potential the next day.” 

And also professional olympic snowboarder Louie Vito’s experience:

“In snowboarding, you take a lot of slams, and I couldn’t be happier with this partnership. I don’t go snowboarding without using my BEMER first, and I don’t go to the gym without using it first either. It’s been great for my muscles, for my spine, my energy, and, most importantly, my recovery.”

BEMER’s Pro-Set GO is a DIY therapy* intended to improve local circulation in healthy leg muscle tissue in just eight minutes twice a day and stimulate healthy muscles throughout the body in order to improve and facilitate muscle performance. Tapping into the benefits of improved circulation can directly impact how your body responds to the risks of low temperatures and extended exposure to freezing air. 

That’s why our extreme winter sports ambassadors like Mark Abma and Louie Vito are using BEMER to enhance the following results:

  • Nutrient and Oxygen Delivery
  • Local Blood Flow
  • Waste Removal
  • Muscle Conditioning
  • Performance
  • Physical Fitness
  • Muscular Strength
  • Endurance and Energy
  • Vitality and Well-Being
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation
  • Sleep Management

Whether as a preventative measure or reactionary self-care, winter sports athletes can optimize performance when using BEMER devices. This means avoiding common injuries on the slopes and activating your body’s natural function to endure low-temperatures, uncomfortable conditions, and sustained muscular impact.

Call Dr. Longacre NOW! to learn more about how this epic device can help you energize, maintain, and recover faster during this exciting winter season.

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